Marta the Legend TM, belly dance costume design

Ahlan wah Sahlan

Oriental dance...

Grace is the most beautiful
characteristic of woman.
Grace is the opposite of tension.
I want to be graceful in my dance...

belly dancer Marta the Legend

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Marta offers choreography material for download online, visit her shop at Designer Marta.

Marta performed as an oriental dancer for more than 25 years in 22 different countries, with her 16-piece Egyptian band. After her final night club performance in 2000 in the Sheraton Gezira Hotel in Cairo, Egypt, Marta retired from night club shows. She now spends most of her time in her home in the suburbs of Istanbul where she is passing on her knowledge and experience in belly dance workshops, preparing choreographies for dancers, and she also has an Atelier where she designs top-class belly dance costumes and evening gowns for stage singers and dancers, under the label Marta the Legend Luxuryline ™.

Having already designed over 8000 costumes for belly dance, Marta is currently compiling an idea book for download.

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